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Upcoming Orientations

The new school year is coming soon.

Good Morning Brilliant Star Family,

I hope this letter finds you and your families well.  We have been working hard preparing for next school year and how it may look.  Below is a revised schedule for our Parent Orientation, the Open House will need to be canceled.  Parents of each class, Lower and Upper Elementary will be combined, will have a designated day to come onto campus and have a face to face orientation.  At this orientation we will be going over drop-off and pick-up protocol, along with how we plan to help keep students, parents, and our staff safe while school is in session.  Attendance to the orientation is of utmost importance so that our first day of school goes smoothly.

Toddler/Infant - Tuesday, August 4th at 3:00 pm

Miss Shanshan’s class - Wednesday, August 5th at 3:00 pm

Miss Kamakshi’s Class - Thursday, August 6th at 3:00 pm

Lower and Upper Elementary - Friday, August 7th at 3:00

Here are some safety considerations we are preparing for at BSS.

  • Strict drop-off and pick-up procedures

    • Between 7:50am and 8:15am.  No early drop off time.

    • Each class will have a designated area they will drop and pick-up their students.

    • Temperatures will be read and documented as soon as the child gets out of their car. If the child’s temperature is at or over 100.4 they will not be able to attend school. If the child is showing any other COVID symptoms they will not be able to attend school. Temperatures will be read and recorded before lunch everyday also.

  • Sanitation

    • Each classroom will have adequate soap and a hand sanitizer station. 

    • Each room will be cleaned every night.  We are working on funding to purchase two medical grade UV sanitation lights to use in all classrooms after being cleaned each night.

  • Social Distancing/Masks

    • This will be the most challenging protocol to follow, especially in our younger classes.  We are lucky that our classrooms are large enough to allow every student at least 36 square feet of personal space.

    • Masks will be required for BSS Staff and any adult entering campus.

    • Masks will be worn as much as possible in the Primary, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary classes. Each child will have to bring either 5 cloth masks or 10 disposable masks to school for their use during the day.  

    • Some Plexiglass table dividers will be in place in all classrooms

    • Recess will be at staggered times and will only happen with the students specific class.

    • Lunches will be pre-packed for every student from our vendor. 

I am still working with CCLP on the number of students allowed in the classroom.  As of right now I expect the entire school to open up full time.  This is subject to change due to any government policies that drastically reduces the number of students allowed in a group.  It may result in moving to two sessions a day for a while.

I will let you know when more is confirmed through the government protocols.

I hope you are all safe and well!

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