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Toddler Class Teacher's Aid






  • Attend to and care for toddlers at school;

  • Maintain a safe play environment;

  • Observe and monitor children's play activities;

  • Communicate with children's parents or guardians about their daily activities, behaviors and related issues;

  • Support children's emotional and social development;

  • Perform general cleaning duties of the classroom, sanitizing, organizing, and storing teaching aides, books, and toys;

  • Instruct and assist children in health and personal habits, such as eating, toilet habits, and dressing;

  • Read to children and teach them simple painting, drawing, cutting, handicrafts and songs;

  • Assist in preparing snacks and meals for children;

  • Accompany children to and from school outings;

  • Attend staff meetings and serve on committees as required.


  • At least six (6) months continuous experience caring for children in an institutional setting such as nursery schools, private schools, preschools and similar institutions.

  • Must have no criminal history and be able to provide current police clearance, will be applied equally to U.S. workers and CW-1 workers.

  • Must be able to obtain licenses, certificates and permits that are required under CNMI law such as CPR training and certification.

  • Must have a reliable transportation from/to home to/from work site.

  • Fluent knowledge (speaking and writing) of the English language is required. Fluent knowledge (speaking and writing) of any second language(s) is acceptable because second language learning is part of the school's curriculum. Fluency in speaking and writing in Mandarin language is preferable, but not required.

For more information, or to apply, please contact us at or 670-323-7827

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