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New Directives from the Governor

Temporary change of plans, but we are in this together.

Good Morning Brilliant Star Family,

I would first like to start by thanking the officials from the COVID-19 Task Force, the Department of Health and the Department of Public Works for all their assistance in providing guidance to us at BSS in moving forward in a safe school opening. We have had a great week back in class with lots of smiling students, teachers and parents!

This morning the Governor and his office placed restrictions on businesses, gatherings, churches and schools again. Schools will not be able to open up face to face starting August 24th. The directives did not state how long it would be in place, but our hope is that we will be able to open up classes very soon. BSS will not start online classes, instead we will take days out of our April spring break, not more than one week, and attend school at that time. Also classroom hours will increase an hour each day making the end of school 4pm instead of 3pm once we start back up for a period of time to make up for lost days.

I am finalizing our protocols for CCLP with the recommendations I received yesterday and will turn them in today, requesting an inspection for Monday, August 24th. This way all students will be able to return as soon today’s directives are lifted.

BSS, along with many of our fellow private schools, is asking for your continued support to advocate for us to remain open with face-to-face classes. While we believe we can deliver high quality instruction remotely, we feel the constant changes to your child’s schedule and the lack of social interaction could negatively impact the mental, emotional and physical well-being of our students’ health as well as worsen the dire economic situation on the island if parents are unable to work because of lack of child care options. Therefore, we are asking you to continue to advocate for BSS to remain open with face-to-face classes.

Best Regards,

I hope you are all safe and well!

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