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CCOPS Update

Transitioning to next school year.

Good Afternoon Brilliant Star Family,

The Private School Coalition, CCOPS, had a brief meeting yesterday starting the discussion on how schools could open up next year. A committee was formed including myself and three other principals to draft a letter with our recommendations and thoughts on how the private schools can be opened responsibly, and safely. The decision is ultimately up to the CNMI Government and the Child Care License Program.

Through the CARES Act there will be money available for the private schools to purchase some electronics for the staff and for online training to help schools with their online distance learning programs. We will be transitioning from Seesaw to Google Classrooms next year if we ever have to shelter in place again. I will be working this summer, with the help of some of the staff, improving the way we bring the world of Montessori into your homes.

A calendar for next school year has been created based on the best case scenario, school will start August 12th. I will send out the calendar later since it is subject to change due to the decisions made by the Governor's Office.

I hope this finds you well,

Best Regards,

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