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First COVID-19 Cases in Saipan

Good Morning BSS Family,

Here are a couple updates in regards to our closure and online classes.

1. Due to the most recent Governors Directive and the confirmation of two cases of COVID-19 on Saipan the Brilliant Star School campus will be closed until further notice.

2. It is day 3 since the start of our distance learning program and I am happy to see many of you and your students continuing your education at home. This will continue until campus can be opened. We are discussing how to responsibly perform another packet pick-up and will contact you once the packets and details are completed.

3. Please contact Liza, who is working from home, to make future payments. We will set up a day and schedule if you will need to make a payment with a check or cash.

Please keep you, your families, and the CNMI safe by staying home if you can. We want to thank all of our medical providers, and essential workers for their hard work right now, wishing you health and support now and in the future.

Best Regards,

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