Educational excellence, exemplary character, and family partnership.

Brilliant Star School strives to provide an environment that will help children develop four key qualities: global understanding, service to humanity, exemplary character and a creative mind. Our goal is to ensure that each child exceeds national and international standards of educational excellence in all subject areas.

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Spring Break

Spring Break will start after school this Friday April 11. First day of school after the break is Monday April 28.  

Turtle Tagging & World Forestry Day

The Elementary class had the chance to get up close an personal with juvenile green sea turtles, while Tammy and Jessie from the Department and Fish and Wildlife tagged, measured, and weighed the turtles. Tammy fielded questions and must have answered about a 100 of them. If you have any questions about sea turtles ask one of our Elementary kids, they will be able to tell you all about
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Kite Festival Postponed!